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Caracteristici principale

  • stereo pair of powered bookshelf speakers
  • 5-1/4" aluminum woofer
  • 4" aluminum midrange driver with concentrically mounted
  • 1" soft-dome tweeter 300 total watts of amplification per speaker
  • 160 watts to each woofer (BASH amplifier)
  • 100 watts to each midrange driver (BASH amplifier)
  • 40 watts to each tweeter (pure Class AB amplifier)
  • bass reflex cabinet design with rear-firing port
  • frequency response: 44-28,000 Hz
  • add ELAC Discovery Connect to wirelessly stream Spotify® Connect, Bluetooth®, Apple® AirPlay and Roon
  • three EQ switches for adjusting Low Frequency, Mid Frequency and High Frequency response on the back of each speaker
  • switchable high-pass filter: flat, 60 Hz, or 80 Hz
  • Input (each speaker):
  • switch for selecting RCA, XLR, or wireless input
  • one unbalanced RCA input
  • one balanced XLR input
  • selectable high/low input gain
Specificații tehnice

Greutate produs

8.1 kg x2

Dimensiuni produs

344.93 x 188.98 x 240.03 mm (H x W x D)

Alte specificații

Tip incinta: 3 cai, bass reflex

Tweeter: 1 x Soft Dome montat concentric

Midrange: 4 ″ aluminiu

Woofer: 5-1 / 4 ″ aluminiu

Frecventa crossover: 2.2 kHz / 260 Hz

Raspuns in frecventa: 44 Hz - 28 kHz

Putere totala amplificator: 300 W

Amplificator bass: 160 W, Bash

Amplificator Midrange: 100 W, Bash

Amplificator Tweeter: 40 W, clasa AB

Intrări: RCA / XLR / AirX² Wireless

Finisaje incinta: Black High Gloss / White High Gloss

Garanție (luni)


Sublime sound served up with serious power. | ELAC Navis ARB51 Powered Bookshelf Speakers

ELAC’s new Navis Series answers every minimalist audiophile’s dream of a no-compromise powered speaker driven by best-inclass amplifiers that are truly deserving of the name “high end.” While most powered speakers rely on Class D digital designs, ELAC engineers build in 300 watts of pure analog amplification— for maximum power and exceptional sound. Add the Discovery Connect wireless transmitter to your system, and Navis becomes a wireless speaker that lets you enjoy streaming content without a cable in sight.

All New Custom Designed Midrange/Tweeter

One reason the Navis sounds so natural is because of its in-house developed transducer, a 4-inch aluminum midrange driver with a concentrically mounted 1-inch soft-dome tweeter.

Combined, this signature configuration lets Navis set the
performance standard for its class.

Powerful Trifecta

Inside each Navis Bookshelf Loudspeaker is a Tri-Amp Pure Analog Amplifier, employing three separate amps for each transducer: a 160-watt BASH AB amplifier for the woofer, a 100-watt BASH AB amplifier for the midrange, and a 40-watt Class AB amplifier for the tweeter. A total amplifier power of 300 watts ensures that each transducer is optimally—and amply—powered, eliminating clipping and crossover distortion, and driving each transducer with authority. Specs like a 110 dBA signal-to-noise ratio and 100 uV noise floor could only come from such audiophile-quality amps!

Flexible Connections

Local inputs include balanced XLR, RCA and Wireless, when used with ELAC’s Discovery Connect wireless transmitter to stream Discovery, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth, AirPlay and Roon. Just switch Wireless “Off” for a no-compromise analog input and output.

Technical Specifications

Speaker type: 3-Way Powered

Tweeter: 1″ Soft Dome Concentrically Mounted

Midrange: 4″ Aluminum

Woofer: 5-1/4″ Aluminum

Frequency Response: 44Hz – 28kHz

Crossover Frequency: 2.2kHz / 260Hz

Total Amplifier Power: 300 Watts Total

Bass Amplifier: 160 Watt Bash Amplifier

Midrange Amplifier: 100 Watt Bash Amplifier

Tweeter Amplifier: 40 Watt Class AB Amplifier

Inputs: RCA / XLR / AirX² Wireless

Cabinet finishes: Gloss Black, Gloss White

Height: 13.58″

Width: 7.44″

Depth: 9.45″

Net weight (each): 17.85lbs

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