Telecomanda pentru Wiim Mini si Pro

100 lei
Cost transport: 15 lei
30 de zile retur "no comment"
Garantie 24 luni
3 RATE Alpha Bank
3 RATE Banca Transilvania
3 RATE Card Avantaj
3 RATE Garanti Bank

Caracteristici principale

  • Open the WiiM Home App and easily pair it with WiiM Mini or WiiM Pro.
  • Use Alexa to control music playback and other connected devices.
  • Use the remote to control music playback, volume, mute audio, and launch your presets with one button.
Specificații tehnice

Garanție (luni)


WiiM Voice Remote Control for WiiM Mini and Pro Audio Streamers

Upgrade your listening experience - Use the remote with voice search and control via Alexa (no Alexa built-in device required). Note: To use the voice remote with WiiM products, you must first pair it via the WiiM Home app.

Super easy to set up: Open the WiiM Home app and you can easily pair it with any WiiM Mini or Pro device.

ONE BUTTON CONTROL - Use the remote control to play or pause, skip to the previous or next song, control the volume, mute and start your favorite song, radio station, podcast or anything else with just one button.

Four customizable preset buttons: Use it as your favorite music presets or customize it for other device control actions.

Technical Specifications

Maximum number of devices supported: 1

Compatible devices: Smartphone, Speaker

Connectivity technology: Wifi

Number of buttons: 4

Controller type: Button control

Maximum capacity: 10 Meters

Item weight: 77 Grams

Product dimensions: 3.8 x 15.8 x 0.05 cm

Battery description: AAA

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