Incarcator acumulatori si powerbank GP Charge AnyWay X411 + 4 acumulatori ReCyko AA 2700mAh

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GP Cod: GPACCX411004
Preț de listă 179 lei 97 lei
Cost transport: 15 lei
30 de zile retur "no comment"
Garantie 6 luni

Caracteristici principale

  • RE-charge, RE-cycle, REDUCE WASTE!!
  • Incarcator de acumulatori pe USB AA/AAA
  • Contine 4 x acumulatori reincarcabili ReCyko AA (R6) 2700 mAh
  • Poate fi folosit si ca power bank pentru dispozitive mobile (5V, 1A)
  • 4 sloturi de incarcare AA sau AAA
  • Semnalizare prin led-uri bi-colore
  • Limitator incarcare atat ca TIMP, TEMPERATURA cat si MINUS DELTA VOLTAGE pentru prelungirea vietii acumulatorilor
  • Monitorizare individuala pe fiecare slot
  • NU contine Lithium, deci poate fi luat in bagajul de mana din avion
  • Stiati ca bateriile reincarcabile se pot folosi chiar si pana la 25 de ani??

Ce primești în pachet?

  • Incarcator pentru acumulatori GP Charge AnyWay X411
    4 x Acumulatori Recyko AA 2700mAh
    Cablu USB A - micro USB
    Ambalaj reciclabil si biodegradabil
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GP Charge AnyWay X411

GP Charge AnyWay always puts you in charge, 24/7, whether at home, in the office, or travel; anytime, anywhere. Also, it does not contain any reactive lithium that takes place in chemical reaction.

Know more

LED light indicates charging status and alerts if single-use or bad batteries are inserted

Safe charging

Auto cut-off functions to prevent over-charging or over-heating

Convenient charging

Charges via USB connection or charger dock


GP Charge AnyWay acts as USB Battery Charger and Instant PowerBank; it can power your AA/AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries and mobile devices. Comes with Lithium-free ReCyko+ Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries, you can place it in carry-on and check-in luggage safely while travelling. Compatible with alkaline and single-use batteries, carrying a GP Charge AnyWay never lets you run out of power even when you don’t have rechargeable batteries on hand.

Lithium-free battery charger

Use as a USB Battery Charger
• For 1~4 AA/AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries
• 4 individual charging channels
• Charging time: 6 hours (4 pcs) for AA NiMH 2600 mAh rechargeable batteries

• Comes with ReCyko+ Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries
• Safe to place it in carry-on and check-in luggage

Powerbank Feature

Use as an Instant PowerBank function
• Recharge your mobile devices
• Compatible with both rechargeable batteries and alkaline or any single-use batteries

Emergency use
• Compatible with any single-use batteries to recharge mobile devices when no charged rechargeable batteries on hand.

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