Boxe KEF Reference 1 Meta High Gloss Black/ Copper

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Caracteristici principale

  • KEF Reference reprezinta inovatie tehnologica pentru a reproduce cel mai natural sunet! Iar acum noua generatie Uni-Q 12 cu Metamaterial ridica nivelul de performanta pe noi culmi.
  • Boxa de raft, design pe 3 cai, bas-reflex
  • Difuzoare : 1 x tweeter 2.5 cm MAT + 1 x mid-woofer 12.5 cm + 1 x woofer 16.5 cm
  • Raspuns in frecventa : 45 Hz – 35 kHz
  • Sensibilitate : 85dB ( 2.83V @ 1 m )
  • Impedanta nominala: 4 ohm (min.3.2 Ohms)
  • Amplificare recomandata: 50 - 200 W
Specificații tehnice

Greutate produs

18.2 kg

Dimensiuni produs

(H x W x D): 440 x 205 x 422 mm

Alte specificații

Descriere: Matrice de drivere Uni-Q:
HF: dom din aluminiu de 25 mm (1 inc.).
cu MAT
MF: con de aluminiu de 125 mm (5 inc.).
Unități de bas:
LF: aluminiu de 165 mm (6,5 inc.).
Distorsiuni armonice:
<0.5% 40 Hz – 100 kHz
<0.2% 200 Hz – 2 kHz
<0.1% 2 kHz - 20 kHz
Difuzoare: domeniul de frecvență (-6dB):
Port scurt: 40 Hz - 45 kHz
Port lung: 37 Hz - 45 kHz
Raspuns in frecventa: 45 Hz – 35 kHz
Sensibilitate (2,83V/1 m): 85 dB
Impedanta nominala: 4 ohmi (min. 3.2 ohmi )
Frecventa crossover: 450 Hz, 2.1 kHz
Putere dinamica: 111 dB
Tip boxe: Boxe de raft

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The essential for any audiophile. Hand built by the masters who set the standard for audio quality, The Reference has been the benchmark for loudspeakers and sound reproduction. The Reference is an embodiment of KEF’s philosophy and the relentless pursuit of perfection. Now with Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT™).

Total attention to detail

Every speaker in The Reference range exudes the sense of sheer quality that comes from being hand-built by KEF’s master craftsmen in Maidstone, Kent, UK. They are designed to be acoustically exceptional, attractive to look at, and each speaker is meticulously built to KEF’s exceptional standards.

Reference quality bass

The Reference’s 165mm (6.5 inch) low frequency driver perfectly complements the new 12th generation Uni-Q® driver array. Smart engineering and meticulous attention to detail enables the bass to blend seamlessly with the immaculate midrange and treble.

Engineered to be flexible

The Reference speakers are welcomingly undemanding in terms of positioning and are easy to fine-tune for your listening area by using KEF’s innovative Flexible Port Technology.

The smallest details, revealed

Shadow Flare drastically reduces harmful cabinet diffraction, allowing Uni-Q® to work at its highest level. A precision-designed surface extends the waveguide effect of Uni-Q® for improved clarity, particularly when it comes to the subtle nuances of plucked strings and other percussive sounds.

Computer-modelled cabinet

The Reference’s cabinets are designed using finite element analysis to determine the ideal shape and bracing geometry to minimise secondary radiation. Constrained Layer Damping is then applied to turn what little vibration is left into heat.

Always innovating

Since the first Reference speaker, KEF engineers have continued to innovate using what is possible with The Reference. Ground-breaking in its first incarnation, each subsequent iteration of The Reference has added to the world’s knowledge of the science of acoustics.

Designed, engineered, handcrafted in Maidstone, UK

Since 1961, we have been creating remarkable award-winning loudspeakers at our UK home in Maidstone, Kent. As our high-end speakers, The Reference is still designed, engineered, and hand-built in Maidstone today.

Finished to Perfection

The expertly engineered cabinets are finished in a sumptuous high-gloss or richly detailed, pair-matched wood veneer to complement the strikingly distinctive front baffle. Five finishes are available, a combination of three cabinet finishes and five drive unit colours: Satin Walnut/Silver, High-Gloss Black/Copper, High-Gloss Black/Grey, High-Gloss White/Blue, and High-Gloss White/Champagne.

Technical Specifications

Design: Three-way bass reflex

Drive units:
Uni-Q driver array:
HF: 25 mm (1 in.) aluminium dome with MAT
MF: 125 mm (5 in.) aluminium cone
Bass units:
LF: 165 mm (6.5 in.) aluminium cone 

Frequency range free field (-6dB): 
Short port: 40 Hz - 45 kHz
Long port: 37 Hz - 45 kHz

Frequency range typical in room bass response (-6dB): 30Hz

Frequency Response (±3dB): 45 Hz – 35 kHz

Amplifier power (recommended): 50 - 200 W

Sensit ivity (2.83V/ 1m): 85 dB

Harmonic distort ion 2nd & 3rd harmonics (90dB, 1m):
<0.5% 40 Hz – 100 kHz
<0.2% 200 Hz – 2 kHz
<0.1% 2 kHz - 20 kHz

Crossover frequency: 450 Hz, 2.1 kHz

Maximum output (peak sound pressure level at 1m with pink noise): 111dB

Nominal impedance: 4 Ω (min. 3.2 Ω)

Dimensions (H x W x D) (with grille and terminal): 440 x 205 x 422 mm (17.3 x 8.1 x 16.6 in.)

Net Weight: 18.2 kg (40.1 lbs.)

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