Amplificator NAD M28

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Caracteristici principale

  • Rated THD (250 mW to rated power, CCIF IMD, DIM 100) ≤0.003 % (ref. 20 Hz – 20 kHz)
  • IHF dynamic power 280 W 8 Ohms, (all channels driven), 560 W 4 Ohms, (one channel driven)
  • Frequency Response ±0.1dB (ref. 20Hz-20kHz)-2.5dB at 3Hz and 100kHz
  • Input Impedance 47 kilohm (Balanced)
  • Signal/noise ratio> 102dB (A-weighted ref. 1W, Balanced):
  • > 97 dB (A-weighted ref. 1W, Single-ended)
  • > 124 dB (A-weighted ref. rated power, Balanced)
  • > 120 dB (A-weighted ref. rated power, Single-ended)
Specificații tehnice

Greutate produs


Dimensiuni produs

(W x H x D) 435 x 156 x 380 mm

Alte specificații

FTC power, two channels
≥ 220 W (ref. rated THD, 8 Ohms , 20 Hz – 20 kHz, two channels driven)
≥ 400 W (ref. rated THD, 4 Ohms , 20 Hz – 20 kHz, two channels driven)

Rated power, all channels
≥ 200 W (ref. rated THD, 8 Ohms , 20 Hz – 20 kHz, all channels driven)
≥ 340 W (ref. rated THD, 4 Ohms , 20 Hz – 20 kHz, all channels driven)

Time to go to Standby mode at no input signal ≤ 30 minutes
Standby power ≤ 0.5W

Garanție (luni)


Seven Channel Power Amplifier

Purifi Eigentakt Amplification

The Masters M28 uses Eigentakt™ amplifier technology, manufactured by NAD in license from Purifi. This new technology, which NAD was the first to embrace for the M33 Masters Series Streaming Amplifier, adds another level of precision by taking into account previously unknown effects of the output filter in the feedback loop and further refinement of the self-oscillating Class D technology as used by previous NAD Hybrid Digital designs. The result is a performance level that approaches the theoretical limit in measured performance, be it at whispering levels or at full power.

Fully Balanced Audio

The same efficient audio interface used by studios provides the highest level of signal integrity with the lowest noise floor.
Locking connectors and special interface electronics allow long cable runs without noise pickup or signal loss. All you get is awesome sound without the possibility of noise pickup or interference.

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