Pick-up Pro-Ject Elemental OM5e Phono USB Argintiu

Pro-JectVariantă: Argintiu Cod: 9120050439177
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Garantie 24 luni
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Caracteristici principale

  • Pick-up plug&play
  • Apasarea si antiskatingul sunt reglate din fabrica
  • Platan metalic
  • Doza Ortofon OM este premontata
  • Este inclus preamplificatorul de doza si o placa de digitizare USB
Specificații tehnice

Greutate produs

2.7 kg

Dimensiuni produs

(W x H x D) 415 x 90 x 300mm

Alte specificații

Doza Ortofon OM

Garanție (luni)


Caracteristici speciale pick-up-uri

  • Preamplificator Phono inclus

Viteze de rotatie

33, 45 (manual speed change)

Tip angrenaj

Belt drive manual (pe curea)

Brat pick-up

Bratul vine cu contragreutatea si anti-skatingul gata reglate din fabrica


Platan metalic


Minimalistic Look. Maximum Sound.

Manual Plug & Play Turntable

Pro-Ject has decided to go after the entry-level market with an high quality alternative that comes complete with an Ortofon cartridge. The new Elemental table is a real plug & play in every way. No adjustment of counterweight and antiskating is needed, because both are pre-adjusted. This new straight ultra low mass tonearm is optimised for the included Ortofon OM 5E cartridge.

Maximum simplicity & outstanding sound quality!

The hidden secret to the new table’s sonic success, is a central gravity mass point, made from an artificial stone and placed directly underneath the platter bearing. It is capable to fully absorb unwanted rumble and motor vibration. This turntable appears to be pure simplicity itself, while maintaining high quality audio standards.

The dose pre-amplifier and a USB digitizing board are included

Technical Specifications

Speed: 33, 45 (manual speed change)

Speed variance: 33: 0,2% 45: 0,18%

Wow & flutter: 33: 0,14% 45: 0,13%

Platter: 300mm particle board

Tonearm: 8,6” metal tube

Effective arm length: 218,5 mm

Overhang: 22,0 mm

Effective tonearmmass: 8,0gr

Counterweight for cartridge mass: 3 - 5,5g (included)

Tracking force range: 0 - 30mn (OM5 18mn pre-adjusted)

Output: USB B

Included accessory: RCA cable, 15V DC power supply

Power consumption: 4,0 watts

Dimensions: 415 x 90 x 300mm (WxHxD)

Weight: 2,7 kg net

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