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Caracteristici principale

  • Preamplificator de doza HiRes
  • Preamplificator de Doza
  • Compatibil MM / MC
  • Gain Phono 40, 45, 50, 60, 65 dB
  • Iesire USB pana la 192 kHz / DSD 128
Specificații tehnice

Garanție (luni)


Phono Box DS2 USB

Phono Box DS2 USB illustrates just how important the phono section can be in getting the most from your vinyl. This is a sophisticated phono stage based on a high-end passive/active ultra-linear phono equalization. MM and MC capability as well as ‘on-the-fly’ impedance adjustment and multiple capacitance settings make this a feature-rich, sound-first design. The two phono inputs and input selector allow enthusiasts to toggle between two turntable/cartridge combos with the push of a button.

For the USB model, a low-noise, jitter-free A/D converter is used to convert the analog signal to a high-resolution digital format (PCM up to 192kHz or DSD 128). Via the USB output, it’s easier than ever to record your vinyl to digital. There is also an analog line-in to record other analog sources. Phono Box DS2 USB is housed in a chassis made of 2-layer metal for a simple, sleek look that shields the circuitry from the influence of mechanical or electromagnetic interference.

Technical Specifications

Power output: 725 mW (into 32ohms)

Signal-to-noise ratio: -110dBV

THD +N: < 0,002%

Gain: 11dB

Crosstalk: 68dB

Frequency response: 20Hz - 80kHz (+-0,2dB)

Analogue inputs: 1 pair RCA/Cinch sockets line

Headphone output: 1x 6.3mm jack, 1x 3.5mm jack

Analogue loop outputs: 1 pair RCA/Cinch

Headphone impedance: 8 - 600Ohm

Output impedance (Headphone): <1Ohm

Power supply: 5V/0.5A DC

Standby Power consumption: < 0,5W

Dimensions W x H x D: 103 x 37 x 120 mm

Weight: 365 g without power supply

Technical Specifications

Input impedance: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200ohms, 1000 ohms and 47kohms

Input capacitance/impedance: 100pF, 220pF and 320pF */47kohms

Input gain: 40, 45, 50, 60, 65dB

Noise floor: 80dB (A weighted) at 40dB input gain

THD: <0,02%

RIAA-equalisation curve accuracy: 20Hz - 20kHz / max. 0,3dB

Subsonic filter: at 20Hz with 12dB/octave

Phono Inputs: 2 pairs RCA/phono sockets

Line input: 1 pair RCA/phono sockets

Line output: 1 pair RCA/phono sockets

Digital outputs: 1x USB B-type; 1x S/PDIF optical

Outboard power supply: 18V/500mA DC, suitable for your country's mains supply

Power consumption: 100mA DC, <1W in standby

Dimensions W x H x D (D with sockets): 206 x 71 x 226 aluminium; 240 x 72 x 227 wood

Weight: 1340g aluminium, 1780g wood (without any accessories)

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