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Vinil Cod: 0190296773259
500 lei
Transport gratuit
30 de zile retur "no comment"
Garantie 24 luni
3 RATE Alpha Bank
3 RATE Banca Transilvania
3 RATE Card Avantaj
3 RATE Garanti Bank

Caracteristici principale

  • A1        I Dig Everything
  • A2        You've Got A Habit Of Leaving
  • A3        The London Boys
  • B1        Karma Man
  • B2        Conversation Piece
  • B3        Shadow Man
  • C1        Let Me Sleep Beside You
  • C2        Hole In The Ground
  • C3        Baby Loves That Way
  • D1        Can't Help Thinking About Me
  • D2        Silly Boy Blue
  • D3        Toy (Your Turn To Drive)
  • Toy - Alternatives & Extras    
  • E1        Liza Jane
  • E2        You've Got A Habit Of Leaving 
  • E3        Baby Loves That Way
  • F1        Can't Help Thinking About Me
  • F2        I Dig Everything
  • F3        The London Boys
  • G1        Silly Boy Blue (Tibet Version)
  • G2        Let Me Sleep Beside You
  • G3        In The Heat Of The Morning
  • G4        Conversation Piece
  • H1        Hole In The Ground
  • H2        Shadow Man
  • H3        Toy (Your Turn To Drive)
  • Toy - Unplugged & Somewhat Slightly Electric    
  • I1        In The Heat Of The Morning
  • I2        I Dig Everything
  • I3        You've Got A Habit Of Leaving
  • J1        The London Boys
  • J2        Karma Man
  • J3        Conversation Piece
  • K1        Shadow Man
  • K2        Let Me Sleep Beside You
  • K3        Hole In The Ground
  • K4        Baby Loves That Way
  • L1        Can't Help Thinking About Me
  • L2        Silly Boy Blue 
  • L3        Toy (Your Turn To Drive)

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