Casti Fiio FH5 Negru

FiioVariantă: Negru Cod: FIIOFH5negru
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Caracteristici principale

  • In-ear
  • Tehnologie extrem de avansata, hibridă
  • Difuzor dinamic de 10mm
  • 4 difuzoare pentru fiecare cască
  • Cablu Jack de 3.5mm
  • Lungime cablu 120cm fabricat din cupru monocrystal de înaltă puritate de tip 6N argintat
  • Armături balansate Knowles
  • Adaptoare din spumă cu memorie
  • Certificare Hi-Res Audio

Ce primești în pachet?

  • Casti Fiio FH5
    Cablu Jack de3.5mm
    13 different pairs of ear tips
Specificații tehnice

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Greutate produs

8g fiecare cască

Garanție (luni)


Utilizare casti

  • Casti de zi cu zi

Despre design și materiale

In-ear, cu fir

4 difuzoare dinamice pentru fiecare cască

Sunet și detalii tehnice

Răspuns în frecvență
• 15Hz to 40 kHz
• 19 ohm 
• 112dB/mW


Cablu Jack 3.5mm

Quad Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors

Exotic-inspired Acoustics Design | Exotic-inspired S.TURBO technology Exotic-inspired independent sound tubes | Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers


Exotic-inspired Acoustics Design

Like today's most advanced exotic supercars, the chassis and body must be extremely solid to extract maximum performance. The FH5's patented TRISHELL structural design ensures that this is the case, with a 5-axis CNC machined aluminum-magnesium alloy rear shell, body, and front covers fixed tightly together with multiple screws – greatly reducing excess resonance and distortion.

For a burst of pure, raw lows

The FH5's low frequency sound tube adopts FiiO's patented S.TURBO acoustic structural design. With its specially designed turbine-inspired design that makes clever use the physics of sound waves, you get meaty, deep bass that is more than capable of letting you feel the music. S.TURBO also filters out unnecessary mid and high frequencies produced by the bass driver ensuring a more seamless transition between the lows and highs.

To ensure driver units are perfectly in harmony

Inspired by the twin turbos of today's exotic supercars, the FH5 allocates one sound tube each for the low, mid, and high frequencies. These tubes have been designed to impeccably integrate with the 4 driver units, allowing for a wonderfully smooth transition between the three main regions of sound frequencies to maximize the drivers' combined potential, bringing you a phenomenal symphony of music.

MMCX connectors give you More ways to play

The connectors on the FH5's cable make it as easy as possible to connect to other devices, with its elbow plug; and to easily be changed, with the grippy MMCX connectors colored blue and red to easily identify the left and right channels.

Secure fit around the ear
Means you can create you own
slice of musical heaven anywhere

The crescent shape of the FH5 units are specifically designed to conform to the human ear and provide a snug, comfor- table fit. The isolation this design provides allows you to focus on your music even if you are on a busy street or next to a raucous party.

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