Casti Audeze LCD-GX

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Audeze Cod: 100-GX-1020-00
4.399 lei
Transport gratuit
30 de zile retur "no comment"
Garantie 24 luni

Caracteristici principale

  • Over-ear
  • Diafragme subțiri Uniforce
  • Nivel recomandat de putere: >250mW
  • Cablu GX cu microfon
  • Cablu 6.3mm jack
  • Carcasă de transport

Ce primești în pachet?

  • Căști Audeze LCD-GX
  • Cablu GX cu microfon (1/8")
  • Cablu standard seria LCD fara microfon (1/4")
  • Splitter (1/8" TRRS la 2 x 1/8" TRS)
  • Adaptor stereo 1/8" la 1/4"
  • Carcasă de transport
Specificații tehnice

Greutate produs


Garanție (luni)


Utilizare casti

  • Casti DJ si studio
  • Casti gaming si PC

Despre design și materiale


Memory foam ear pads

Sunet și detalii tehnice

Răspuns în frecvență
• 10Hz - 50KHz
• 20ohm
• 100dB 
Presiune acoustică
• 130dB


Cablu GX cu microfon (1/8")
Cablu standard seria LCD fara microfon (1/4")
Splitter (1/8" TRRS la 2 x 1/8" TRS)
Adaptor stereo 1/8" la 1/4"



Audiophile Gaming Headphone


Audeze is excited to announce the LCD-GX, the world's first audiophile gaming headphones. After pushing the envelope on gaming audio with its award-winning Mobius headphones, the new LCD-GX advances the industry further by combining the finest in sound quality with clear voice chat for the serious purist audiophile gamer.

Audeze's Reference Planar Magnetic Sound Quality

Based on the rave-reviewed LCD series, the LCD-GX combines Audeze’s patented Fluxor™ magnets and ultra-thin Uniforce™ diaphragms to deliver astonishing sound quality and immersion. Our advanced LCD Planar Magnetic drivers are at least twice the size of those found in other gaming headphones, providing better bass, superior soundstage, and outstanding resolution suitable not just for gaming, but for monitoring, mixing, and editing audio. Designed for the serious gamer, the LCD-GX is strictly analog – no digital processing – just for the real purist who wants the best possible sound. Being an open-back design, the GX has a wider, more accurate soundstage.


The LCD-GX is handcrafted in Audeze’s California factory and features magnesium housing, memory foam ear pads, and a suspension headband designed to reduce weight and extend comfort for marathon gaming sessions.



A new single-sided Fluxor™ magnetic structure provides high sensitivity and low distortion (100 dB /1 mW @ 1kHz), allowing the LCD-GX to work with a wide variety of devices. To get the best output from the headphones, we suggest pairing them with a good amplifier and DAC.


The LCD-GX includes a detachable cable with a built-in directional, noise-attenuating boom microphone. The thoughtfully designed microphone cable includes a mute button and flexible gooseneck arm, allowing customized positioning to ensure each individual can find the angle that works best for them.



The LCD-GX comes with 2 exchangeable cables – The boom mic cable, and a standard LCD series cable (for those who don’t always need the boom mic). The boom mic cable terminates with a 1/8” TRRS 4 conductor plug for use with virtually all PCs, Macs, cellphones, etc. We also include a dual 1/8” inch splitter for separate headphone and microphone inputs.


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