Campfire Andromeda Green

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CampfireVariantă: Green Cod: IEM-CFA-UNA
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Caracteristici principale

  • Căști in-ear
  • Tuned Acoustic Expansion Chamber
  • Corp printat 3D

Ce primești în pachet?

  • Casti Campfire Andromeda
  • Husă Sustainable Cork
  • Cablu Jack 3.5 mm placat cu argint
  • Final audio tips XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Ear tips S, M, L
  • Silicone ear tips S, M, L
  • Cleaning tool
Specificații tehnice

Garanție (luni)


Utilizare casti

  • Casti de zi cu zi

Funcții speciale

Anodized Emerald Green Body

Dual High Frequency Balanced Armature Drivers + T.A.E.C.

Single Mid Frequency Balanced Armature Driver

Dual Low Frequency Balanced Armature Drivers

Custom Beryllium / Copper MMCX Connections

Machined Aluminum Shell

Tuned Acoustic Expansion Chamber™ (T.A.E.C.)

Stainless Steel Spout

Sunet și detalii tehnice

Răspuns în frecvență
• 10Hz–28 kHz
Presiune acustică (SPL) 
• 94 dB, 1kHz: 7.01 mVrms
• 12.8 Ohms @ 1kHz 


Jack 3.5 mm

Campfire Andromeda

Andromeda 2020 is an exciting new chapter for one of our most beloved earphones. Updating an earphone as a beloved as Andromeda is not a task we take lightly. But give it a listen, and you’ll be glad we did.

Our new Solid-Body design, first explored in our custom fit products, is now enhancing our new Universal Fit line. This approach brings a new level of control to our acoustic design. You’ll enjoy a refined musical presentation, with clarity and resolution that can’t be missed.

Inside Magic

While looking very much like previous versions of Andromeda, maintaining its classic angular silhouette and emerald-green finish, Andromeda 2020 is very different on the inside.

A single printed body now houses all of Andromeda 2020’s internal components. The interior and exterior spaces and the relationships between them are precisely sculpted to improved sonic performance. And the bonus of having the engineering doing the heavy lifting is fewer moving parts, and fewer moving parts mean reliable reference performance for the life of the earphone.

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