Boxe KEF E301c

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KEF Cod: E301cwhite
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Caracteristici principale

  • Boxa centru bas reflex
  • Difuzoare: 1 x Tweeter 1.9cm + 1 x Medii 11.5cm
  • Raspuns in frecventa: 90Hz - 33kHz (±3dB)
  • Impedanta: 8 Ohms (3.4 Ohms min.)
  • Putere recomandata: 10 - 100W
  • Frecventa crossover: 2.7kHz
Specificații tehnice

Greutate produs

2.4 kg

Dimensiuni produs

(H x W x D) 157 x 220 x 155 mm

Alte specificații

Maximum output: 109dB (SPL)
Harmonic distortion: <1% 100Hz – 40kHz

Garanție (luni)


Two-way centre channel

No home theatre is complete without a centre channel and the E301c is the natural choice for a KEF E Series system. The E301c was designed from the ground up to provide KEF's Uni-Q mid and treble driver with a cabinet and crossover that allow this remarkable piece of engineering to perform at its very best.

Extremely Accurate

The E301c Centre Speaker combines a perfectly balanced 5.1 sub/sat system based on KEF's new 4.25" Uni-Q driver array and a superlative matching subwoofer. It effortlessly creates an exquisitely detailed and compellingly natural soundscape that reveals the magic of the original performance.

New 4.25inch Uni-Q driver array

The secret of the E301c Centre Speaker's outstanding sound quality is the latest iteration of KEF's signature Uni-Q driver array, originally developed for the multiple award-winning Q Series. With its famously wide dispersion and sonic purity this technology is what gives the system its extraordinarily natural sound quality.

Uni-Q Tweeter

The Uni-Q tweeter is vented to prevent distortion-inducing pressure from building up behind the dome, keeping the response in the critical vocal region clean and transparent. KEF's 'Tangerine' waveguide encourages the sound to radiate evenly, increasing both the dispersion and sensitivity of the tweeter.

Technical Specifications

Tip boxe: Boxe centru

Difuzoare inalte: 1 x Tweeter 1.9cm

Difuzoare medii-bas: 1 x Medii 11.5cm

Raspuns in frecventa: 90Hz - 33kHz

Putere recomandata: 10 - 100W

Impedanta nominala: 8ohm(min. 3.4ohm)

Frecventa crossover: 2.7kHz

Dimensiuni: 260 x 136 x 159 mm

Greutate: 2.4kg

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