Amplificator NAD C326 BEE

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NAD Cod: C326BEE
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Caracteristici principale

  • 50W x 2 Continuous Power into 4 Ohms and 8 Ohms
  • 100W, 150W, 200W IHF Dynamic power into 8, 4 and 2 Ohms, respectively
  • 7 Line inputs, including two tape in/outs
  • Short signal path from input to output
  • Tone controls defeat switch
  • Subwoofer (mono) Out
  • NAD SR 8 Full System Remote control
  • Front panel Media Player (MP) input for attaching portable MP3 Player
  • Frequency response±0.1dB (ref. 20Hz – 20kHz, Tone defeat ON)
  • Input impedance (R and C)100 kilohm+ 320pF
  • Input sensitivity159mV (ref. 500mV out)
Specificații tehnice

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Dimensiuni produs

(W x H x D) 435 x 100 x 286mm

Alte specificații

Power Amplifier
Continuous output power into 8Ω and 4Ω (Stereo)>50W (ref. rated THD, 20Hz-20kHz, both channels driven)
Rated THD (CCIF IMD, DIM 100)<0.009% (ref. 20Hz – 20kHz)
IHF dynamic power:
8 Ohm100W
4 Ohm150W
2 Ohm200W
Channel separation: 1kHz>80dB

Overall Specs
THD (250mW to rated power, CCIF IMD, DIM 100)<0.009% (ref. 20Hz – 20kHz)
Channel separation:

Garanție (luni)


C 326BEE
Stereo Integrated Amplifier

A truly extraordinary component

Tracing its lineage back to the original NAD 3020, an amplifier that changed the industry, the C 326BEE is a truly extraordinary component. With more than twice the power output, as well as a pure Class A preamp circuit, the C 326BEE delivers an outstanding performance. Featuring 7 line inputs, and a pre-amplifier section that can be separated from the power amplifier for easy upgrades, the C 326BEE is a product that cannot be ignored.

Performance vs. Value Champ

Combining the highest levels of audio engineering with an extensive feature list, and more than adequate power for all but the most ambitious systems, the C 326BEE keeps the concept of affordable hi-end alive and well. With the very high dynamic power and low impedance drive capability of NAD’s PowerDrive circuit, the C 326BEE is able to accurately control even difficult to drive loudspeakers while sounding musical, detailed, coherent and relaxed.

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