Amplificator NAD C275BEE

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NAD Cod: C275BEE
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Caracteristici principale

  • 2 x 150W Continuous Power into 4 Ohms and 8 Ohms
  • 250W, 410W, 600W IHF Dynamic power into 8, 4 and 2 Ohms, respectively
  • PowerDrive circuit
  • Holmgren Toroidal Power transformer
  • All discrete circuitry
  • Class A Voltage Stages
  • Distortion Canceling Circuit
  • BEE Anti-saturation ClampShort signal path from input to output
  • All sockets Gold-plated
  • Soft Clipping ATOLogic 12 volt trigger/ signal sensing input
  • Detachable IEC Power Cable<1W Standby Power Consumption
  • Free of lead and other environmentally dangerous substances
Specificații tehnice

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Dimensiuni produs

(W x H x D) 435 x 133 x 352mm

Alte specificații

Fixed IN, Speaker OUT

Continuous output power into 8 Ohm and 4 Ohm (both channels driven) >150W (ref. rated THD, 20Hz – 20kHz)
Continuous output power into 8 Ohm (Mono, Bridge mode) >330W (ref. 20Hz – 20kHz, (Mono, Bridge mode) <0.02% THD)

IHF Dynamic Power :8 Ohm250W
4 Ohm 410W
2 Ohm 600W

IHF dynamic power (Bridge mode)
8 Ohm 800W
4 Ohm 1200W

Frequency response ±0.1dB (ref. 20Hz – 20kHz)
Input Sensitivity 1.2V (ref. rated power)

Garanție (luni)


C 275BEE

From the heavy gauge steel chassis to the advanced power supplies and copper buss bars, the C 275BEE represents all that NAD stands for.

Tons of Power for Every Situation

The C 275BEE boasts many upgrades and refinements taken directly from the highly acclaimed NAD Masters Series M3 Amplifier. These include the application of Bjorn Erik Edvardsen’s innovative and patented Distortion Canceling Circuit in the output stage and BEE Clamp in the power supply. A carefully engineered PCB layout has reduced distortion and noise to unprecedented levels. Taken together, these improvements mark a sharp upturn in performance that simply must be heard to be fully appreciated.

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